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Preparation Check List for the HCG Diet


Are you ready to achieve your weight loss goals and be rewarded with a slimmer you healthy body and happy lifestyle. Start thinking about how you feel – how you will need to set some time aside to get organized. Are you ready for a commitment?

Dieting success comes from planning ahead, putting the effort and time into having a good preparation checklist. This will eliminate stress wondering what foods you should be eating in the diet phases. The Very low calorie diet program must be followed meticulously along with taking your selected formulation, weight management drops or Soft-Gel Capsules.

Complete your shopping,stock your cupboards with the approved recommended foods.On the HCG Diet program there will be a certain list of allowed food choices you need to purchase to complete the phases. Always purchase fresh good quality nutritional foods free from hormones and chemicals and if possible organic products are also good first choice such as lean meats,free range chicken fresh fish,unprocessed foods,fresh vegetables from the Farmers Market is also a good choice .

It is often very helpful to plan your meals ahead,pack and freeze your raw weighed proteins. We all have busy lives this will help make losing weight a little easier and keep you on track without sabotaging your goals.

It is Highly Recommended that you download and read the Dr Simeons ‘Pounds and Inches manuscript’ this will help you get an understanding of how this diet program works before you start.There will be changes from your previous eating habits but you can do it! By understanding the guidelines food combinations you will see what is required on your part to achieve your weight loss goals and keep your weight off long-term.

Have a positive state of mind,staying motivated by surrounding yourself with supportive positive diet buddy, work mates, friends and family to help you stay accountable focused on your goals. This program will help educate you to develop a lifetime pattern of healthy food choices.

Preparation Checklist For The HCG Diet

  • Think about the day you will commence this diet program,have the right mind set..Yes! You can do this be positive
  • The first important thing to do is to remove all the temptations like junk food and fizzy drinks that you may have in your home. Out of sight is out of mind.
  • Complete your shopping list using the specified foods on the approved foods list
  • Start the diet with fresh healthy nutritional foods in the pantry and fridge
  • Write down points on your goal sheet what you would like to achieve
  • Plan to have a routine for daily excerise
  • Put into place new strategies to help you stay focused on the program
  • Record a new target weight on the goals sheets and place a before and after photo of your new weight once achieved
  • To keep motivated place a body image on the fridge of what you would like to be as a constant reminder for you to remain focused
  • Remove non protocol personal care such as body lotions makeup and face creams to make sure they do not contain any oils
  • Take photos with your clothes off front,back and sides
  • Take measurements on the first loading day and record the results in your calendar sheet section
  • Plan how you are going to create healthy tasty meals but keep in mind you have to stay in the specified guidelines
  • Weight your protein food raw weight into 100g for each one,per freezer bag
  • Think about how you will over come challanges as they arrive.
  • Have in mind a reward for when you reach your goals.

Practical Food Preparation Equipment

  • Accurate Kitchen Scales
  • George Foreman Grill
  • Non stick frypan
  • Steamer