Payment Terms


Payment Terms

Checking out with us at could not be easier. We take both credit card and bank deposits as payment, and use a secure eWay payment system to give all of our customers peace of mind so they know where their money is going. The secure website checkout system combines, adds on the postage cost that you choose whether you pick Express or Normal postage. Or if the product has the offer of free postage it will reflect in the total cost of what you are to pay for your order.

If the right amount is not paid your order will not posted out and you will get an email from us to let you know of the outstanding amount that is to be paid before your order is sent out. Once the order is paid in full you will then get an email from us to let you know your order details, when it posted out with Australia post and your Tracking number to track your order. Please make sure you check both “Email Inbox and Junk box” because if we are not in your contacts, you may not receive our notification because it may have gone straight into your junk box.

Credit Card Payment Options Are



If you are paying on net banking it will take overnight if you are with the same bank as us it may go straight across to our account with the ANZ bank but some other banks take a couple of days for funds to come across to our account.

If you want your order posted as soon as possible then we suggest to go into a ANZ bank branch. Deposit money over the counter, that way it will show up in the account straight away and you order will be posted either that afternoon or the next business day.

If you have gone into the bank and need your order and have paid and need it sent out that day, send us an email to let us know that you have gone into the branch and so we can arrange for your order to be posted. Please email us at: to check if the money is in the account for you.

Bank Deposit Details For ANZ Branch