HCG Diet

HCG Diet Phases


HCG Diet protocol is based on the Dr. Simeon’s manuscript “Pounds and Inches" A new Approach to Obesity. We recommend you take your time to read carefully. Also become familiar with the diet working before your start. It is imperative that all diet phases are completed to lose weight and keep it off long term.

Successful weight loss is not just about losing the weight but it is also about making gradual changes saying goodbye to the not-so-good habits and re introducing healthy habits. The diet phases are centered around fresh, natural ingredients, you will be educated to avoid eating unhealthy processed foods sugars and fats. This is a change is for sustainability to establish new healthy habits for healthy life and to be able to keep the weight off.

The weight loss program is the secret to success to reset the Hypothalamus to your new goal weight long-term. Both formulations Weight Management Diet Drops or VLC Soft-Gel capsules, cannot be taken just on their own they must be taken in conjunction with the diet for the best optimal results.

Phase 1: Loading phase

Consists of the first 2-3 days this is when you will be taking your formulation choice, drops or soft-gels. During this time you are encouraged to eat plenty of calories and healthy fatty foods. Eating foods high in fat such as nuts, avocados, olive oil, salmon, bacon, eggs. Eat as much as you can without feeling uncomfortable.


The purpose of the loading days is to build up your fat stores it is extremely important not to miss this phase, If facing difficulties incompletion of  loading days mannerly then you may be hungry on the protocol and have poor weight loss results.

Some customers have commented they will gain weight do not worry eat up this extra weight will come off during a short period of time.

Phase 2 : The Very Low Calorie Diet with Formulation

Follow phase in the step-by-step guide in your printed or download eBook guide.

Drink plenty of water daily including lots of plain filtered water, tea or green tea a good idea is to carry bottle of water to sip throughout the day to stay well hydrated. Water plays an important role to move nutrients around in your body and flush out the toxins. Do not use all moisturizers, lotions or creams if they contain fat.

Visualize a thinner you make the commitment to follow the specific foods not eating any sugar or fats instead having fresh nutritious vegetables, fruits, proteins along with the specific quantity as set our comprehensive guide so you do not go over the 500 calorie limit daily.

Transitioning from Phase 2 to Phase 3

After you have completed phase 2 you stop taking the Diet Drops, you will need continue to follow the restricted 500 calorie diet for two days so the formulation can leave your body. 2-3 Days is an estimated time for the formulation to be flushed from your body then you will continue on to the maintenance phase.

Phase 3: Maintenance Phase

No Diet Drops are taken (No Sugar or Starch)

You will now begin to stabilize the weight you have lost, and slowly increase your calorie check a check on your intake so you do not go over board undoing all your hard work. As a guide have 1200-1600 per day select healthy fresh foods and good fats, good oils for a minimum of three weeks. You do not take the diet drops and you must avoid all sugars and starches grains and potatoes, beans corn.

During this time your body stabilizes the weight you have lost. Your weight may fluctuate if you gain more than 2 kilos from your VLCD weight in phase 2 Dr. Simeon’s recommends doing a high protein day called Steak Day.

Steak day is used to correct gained weight and only used in the maintenance and after not in phase 2. Make sure you eat as much whole foods a variety of fresh vegetables, proteins, fruits, healthy oils nuts and seeds.

Phase 3 is followed for the same number of days that you were on phase 2 for example if you did 23 day plan of phase 2, you would then do 23 days on phase 3.

Phase 4: Maintain your Life-Style Change

Well done! you have now completed the diet program say hello to the 'New Healthy You, happier and full of confidence'

Continue to eat  healthy nutritious foods in the correct portions sizes. Put into practice your new awareness to fresh healthy foods and nutrition. It is wise to still keep a watchful eye weight yourself and make adjustments if needed.Some customers have failed and put weight back on because they have become complacent and let the bad habits creep in.