HCG Diet Apple Day

apple day on the hcg diet


Apple Day is specifically for the very low calorie diet.

Has your weight stalled hit a plateau? Are you wondering what to do next? Apple Day has been introduced as a plateau breaker to get your weight loss moving again. A plateau can last around to 4-6 days. It has been known to usually can happen around 2nd and 3rd week on the very low-calorie diet.

On the HCG Diet Apple Day it is a technique that is suggested to do by Dr. A.T.W. Simeon’s who was the originator of the HCG Diet program. Many dieters have reported weight loss the next day which is usually the elimination of water. Apples are the only food you can have during this time of 24 hours. Apples are high in water content most people don’t feel that thirsty but if you do,you are permitted to have a small amount to clench your thirst. Have you experienced your weight stalling even though you have followed the Dr.Simeon’s manuscript 'pounds and inches'. You may ask yourself how could this happen to me, I have been really careful.

A weight stall can happen to any of us for different reasons and can be extremely frustrating when you have been doing really well, but the main thing is do not be discouraged. In most cases the body will correct itself in time but to a person losing weight this can be a very frustrating time.

What can cause a weight stall?

The plateau can occur for many different reasons, some have experienced a plateau that may have been caused by adding a few little extra items that you thought will not hurt, but this is not the case on the HCG Diet program. You must follow the diet diligently and only eat the specified foods and follow the correct guidelines as out lined in the program. Some times a dieter may cross over the allowed 500 calories per day and as a result their weight stalls. Be positive do not give up and be discouraged with negative thoughts instead apply positive thoughts and do an Apple Day which has been effective to many people.


Apple day consists having six apples over a 24 hour period starting just before lunch and continues until lunchtime the next day this is when you continue on with the 500 calories. Apple’s play a role in the digestion and detoxification process because they are so rich in soluble fibre. Apples contain high water content this helps to re- hydrate the body which is very helpful during weight loss.

4 Important Steps To Follow

  • Apple Day begins with continuing to take the weight management drops and have breakfast. For Example fruit or a Grissini Breadstick just before lunch time.
  • Start your Apple Day and finish the following day just before lunch then continue your diet of 500 calories per day.
  • Continue to take your drops or soft gels.
  • (Apple day hcg diet 6 apples). Select six fresh big juicy apples.
  • No other foods or liquids are permitted while you are doing Apple Day. The apples contain quite a lot of water but if you feel thirsty you may have just enough to quench your thirst water.