Questions and Answers Quick Reference Guide

Q: How did the HCG Diet Begin?

A: In the early 1950’s Dr Albert Simeon’s a British endocrinologist devoted his life to the study of obesity. Find your questions and answers  regarding how the diet came to be. The founder of the HCG Diet program Dr Simeon documented his research in his ‘manuscript the Pounds and Inches' - A New Approach to Obesity’.

The ‘pounds and inches manuscript’ is a Free download on the Home page, it is highly recommended to take time and read it. Also get a good understanding of how or in what way diet works.

The manuscript explains the hypothalamus and how the weight loss program works in re-balancing of the body’s metabolism. Today the HCG diet program has helped many people over come their weight issues, adjust their attitudes and make the necessary changes in preferences towards food and lifestyle choices.

Q: What is the hypothalamus?

A: Dr Simeon’s explains the hypothalamus is a vital part of our brain which controls all autonomic functions regulatory activities of the body. The hypothalamus area of the brain,controls your metabolism and weight it sends signals the body to release of abnormal fat stores.

Q: How do the diet weight management drops work?

A: The combination of taking the support products along with following precisely the HCG diet protocol will assist you to regain a healthy metabolism and lose weight.. The release of abnormal fat stores in your body from the stubborn areas of your body and suppress your appetite. You will stabilize your weight in phase three, and then move on to life after the program to maintain your new lifestyle.

Q: Are these products hormone-free?

A: Yes both the Weight Management Diet drops and the VLCD Diet Supreme Soft- Gel Capsules are Hormone-Free and None-Homeopathic.

Q: Do the formulations contain African Mango?

A: NO They do not contain African Mango. The product formulations contain a powerful combination of Amino Acids, Vitamins and Natural Herbal and Plant Extracts.

Q: Taste of the diet drops have a different taste now?

A:Yes. The original ingredients for adipose and fat burning are still present. Current formulation has now additional benefits of Therapeutic Chinese Medicine, added to the formula in the form of additional herbs which adds additional extra support for weight-loss. The Diet drops are Sublingual - a concentrated solution dropped under the tongue.

Q: The change in color in the diet drops?

A: The change in color is due to the addition of these herbs and green tea. This may have a slightly bitter taste, this does not effect its effectiveness. This formulation provide you with energy stamina and endurance powerful quality ingredients for weight loss.

Q: The formula is so strong

A: If you find the formulation is to strong for you, dilute it in a tablespoon of water before placing in your mouth. This will not change the performance of the formulation.

Q:  Do I have to follow diet exactly and used the food combinations as the guide outlines?

A:  Yes you do. It is very important to follow the specific diet guidelines as outlined in the Dr.Simeon’s "pounds and inches". You must complete all the phases of the whole program to achieve effective results. At the commencement of the program you will begin what is called ‘Loading Days’ this is a very important phases and is necessary for the diet to work correctly and to combat hunger during the start of the program.

Word of caution: If anyone do not do with loading days exactly then may experience hunger during the first week. The weight management products have been especially designed to work in conjunction with the diet following the 500 calories per day. You cannot just take the product on its own. The products will assist in reducing your food intake by suppressing your appetite and help in releasing your fat stores.

Q: How much weight can I expect to lose?

A: The exact weight loss amount that you will lose while doing the HCG protocol varies according to each individual. Everybody’s metabolism is different but as a general guide if you are following the program correctly  you can loose 7 kilos on a 23 day plan, in excess of 7  kilos on a 40 day plan.

Q: Is This diet program suitable for men and women?

A: Yes the program is suitable for both Men and Woman. This program is not recommended for pregnant women. Always consult your professional healthcare provider if you have any concerns before you start the weight loss program.

Q: What does the VLCD mean?

A: This means following a very-low calorie diet which consists of 500 calories daily, as per HCG Diet protocol. The diet and formulation must be taken in conjunction with each other. When you reduce your food intake the body draws from your stored fats, the formulation will assist in this process.

Q: What types of foods will I be eating?

A: The diet program will include a balanced range of healthy foods including a variety of protein, vegetables and fruits. On the program you will be given specific guidelines for food combinations that you must follow according to the phase you are doing. The food selection will include some of the following:

  • Lean beef cuts filet Mignon, T-Bone, Sirloin, Chicken Breast (no Skin).
  • Crab, lobster, prawns, white-fleshed fish, flounder sole, bass, grouper, red emperor, and Nile perch.
  • No oily fish for example sardines, tuna or mackerel are permitted.
  • Vegetables include tomato, celery, lettuce, spinach cucumber, onion, asparagus, chard, red radishes, beet greens, fennel. Allowed fruits can be grapefruit, oranges apples, strawberries Grissini (breadstick) or Melba toast is allowed.
  • To make your meals interesting certain spices and seasonings can be added that are listed on the approved food list.
  • Drinks water tea & coffee and herbal teas ( 1 x tablespoon milk daily only)
Q: Are there any foods I need to avoid?

A: Yes there are specific foods which you will need to avoid. To achieve the best possible results all fats, starches, complex carbohydrates and all sugars need to be removed while you are doing the HCG low calorie diet. For example even small things like jelly lite. Although the jelly is a fat-free food it still contains a form of sweetener which is not on the approved food list and may cause your weight to stall.

Q: Will I starve on the very low calorie diet (VLCD)?

A: 500 calories a day is an unacceptable diet. It is not a option to do the diet just on its own without taking the specific formulations that have been specifically formulated for the program. Using the herbal ingredients to assist with burning up stored fat reserves and curb your appetite and making sure you do the Loading days correctly at the start.

You may experience some mild hunger in the first few days, this is why it is so important to do the loading days correctly as this is the basis to a good start for the program. Have a good routine of drinking plenty of filtered water and green tea throughout the day, to keep the body well hydrated and functioning properly.

Q: I am having food cravings?

A: If in the pasted you were eating high sugar processed foods and drinking alcohol, it may be you may experience some food cravings during the program. Do not give up these feelings will soon pass. You might think that you are missing out but in time you will have reduced sugar and carbohydrate cravings. Your body will now be well nourished with healthy foods, and you will not be craving processed foods. Drink plenty of water especially before your meal, this will give you a fuller feeling. If you feel really hungry have some cucumber or celery.

Q: Do I need to eat organic foods?

A: No you do not have to. It is always beneficial to purchase fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables if possible,organically produced meats are now available. If the foods are affordable they are a wise choice because they are free from chemicals like synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. The farmers market or your own vegetable garden is a good place to start. The benefits of fresh produce is they have good color, fresh and full of flavor.

Q: What should I do if I get constipated?

A: Constipation maybe experienced during the program. It is recommended to drink lots and lots of filtered water or fresh bottled water. What is the reason for this? Water keeps the body well hydrated and will help in the digestion process and flush toxins and impurities out of your system. If you do need to take some thing a herbal laxative, or magnesium may help. Also drink fiber such as psyllium in water.

Q: Can I take a multi-vitamin daily while I am doing the Diet?

A: Yes if you feel you need to. The powerful high potency formulation of the muti-vitamin provides daily nutritional support. A multi-vitamin can also assist to give you extra stamina, and vitality and provide extra support for your immune system. Now available from the Store page.

Q: Are These Products Manufactured In Australia?

A: Yes all products have been manufactured in a fully licensed facility here in Australia. The Diet Weight Management Drops (ARTG 213917) and the very low calorie Soft-Gels ( ARTG 212467) both formulations have been manufactured in Australia by ‘Thincognito’  All products have total Australian regulatory compliance adhering to the strict compliance rules and regulations as set out in the Australian manufacturing standards. The products are also included in the Australian register of ‘Therapeutic Goods' (ARTG).

Q: How Many Bottles Will I Need For The Program?

A: It is important to measure your drops accurately and correctly so they last the duration of the program. 10 drops (0.3 ml) under the tongue three times daily before both protein meals. The recommended dosage of the Soft-Gels is 1 x capsule daily. If you are doing a program and would like to purchase more you can purchase at Return Customer Deals.

Q: Will the Bottle Formulation last the diet plan I choose?

Yes they will last the time period. It is important the formula must be measured correctly. If you find you are running short then you are measuring the drops wrong. It is recommended you first count out the drops using the small plastic shot glass,or provided or by putting the formula first onto a spoon. The drops are then placed under the tongue.

Q: Will the Ebook Guide help me on the program?

A: Yes it certainly will, the comprehensive guide is easy to understand for your questions and answers. It is a step-by-step manner to make it easier to understand and follow the diet program correctly. Included are lots of helpful information. Calendar sheets to keep you on the right track according to the to the plan you are doing.

Goal sheets and measurements charts along with shopping lists of the approved foods and a list of what foods are needed to be be avoided. Recipes have been created to take the hard work out of wondering what to cook today.

Q: Do the Drops need to be refrigerated or stored in a special way?

A: No they do not have to be refrigerated as long as they are stored at room temperature. Soft Gels or Diet Drops need to be stored in a cool place. Use by date is displayed on the outside of each product.

Q: Can I Drink Alcohol?

A: No Alcohol is strictly forbidden during phase 2 of the program. When you get into phase three you are allowed to have a small glass of wine but you need to be careful due to the sugar content.

Q: Can I drink I Drink Coffee?

A: Yes you can drink coffee. You can drink as much coffee and tea as you like. No Sugar is allowed and the allowance of milk per day is 1 x tablespoon only. Stevia is a good sugar substitute.

Q: Why is Stevia used as the sugar substitute?

A: Stevia is a healthy alternative natural sweetener that can be incorporated in everyday food and beverages.The sweet leaves have zero carbohydrates, zero calories and can help  to keep the weight off long term.The natural sweetener is available in different forms such as powder, drops. Available at most health stores and supermarkets.

Q: Can I exercise on the program?

A: Because you will be on the VLCD (low-calorie 500 calories diet) Avoid high intensity physical activities that put extra pressure on your body however for example – lifting weights, running is not recommended as it is too strenuous on your body.

Put your walking shoes on and have a daily routine of going for a walk which is highly recommended or light swimming or yoga for 30 min per day. Moderate level of exercise is the key. A good start is a daily 30 minute brisk walk.

Q: Can I have chewing gum on the HCG Diet Protocol?

A: Yes you can. Being able to chew gum not only keeps your breath smelling fresh but it also satisfies the urge to chew that can come from the decrease in food consumption and snacking. Sweet life gum is good because it contains no artificial sugars also stevia gum is another good option.

Q: My Weight Has Stalled?

A: If your weight loss has stalled or stopped this is means you have hit a plateau meaning the scales are not showing weight loss. Some times this can last 4-6 days. This can happen to any one of us in most cases during phase 2. Yes you can feel really disappointed after seeing the weight come off and it does not continue on that way you may even reason the HCG diet does not work which is wrong. Adjust your thinking stay focused and keep going and don’t give up. First look closely check are you following the program correctly?

  • What about your personal products do they contain oils that can be absorbed into the skin?
  • Are you taking and supplements have you checked the labels for sugar or starch?
  • Are you unintentionally having any oils or sugars?
  • Are you having the occasional alcohol drink?

A plateau will correct its self in time or you can assist it by doing a plateau breaker an ‘Apple Day' technique to get you moving again. The next morning after you will feel happier seeing your weight loss move again. Continue on to your new goal weight. Instructions  for Apple Day can be found in the All-In-One Printed guide in the diet program.

Q: What Is Apple Day?

A: Apple Day is the technique suggested in the Dr Simeon’s weight management program. It may be that for 4-6 days the weight neither increases or decreases even if the dieter maintains on the VLCD and takes the products. Apple Day is the ideal solution for plateau correction you can usually see results mainly due to the elimination of water on the next day. Seeing this happen often gives clients a boost to keep going.

Q: Zero Slim & Healthy Noodles what’s the benefits?

A: Zero Slim & Healthy Noodles contain nutritional benefits and contain good soluble dietary fiber which can aid in the bowel movements because it acts as a natural laxative. The organic vegetable fibre from the Konjac plant will quickly give you great, fuller feeling, as it passes through digestive tract, which means you're less likely to consume more food. Suitable on the HCG Diet in moderation, suitable for people with diabetes, as well as people with wheat intolerance or allergies to gluten, dairy or soy.