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BMI will calculate your body mass index, giving you a estimate of what your ideal weight should be and determine if you are under weight or over weight putting your heath at risk.

Overweight or obesity has become a huge problem in Australia today. If we consume high amounts of fats and sugars, along with excessive food intake, and lack of daily physical exercise and are not burning off those extra calories the surplus energy then becomes stored as body fat. Been overweight can increase health risks so it is important to make the necessary adjustments and changes to bring your weight back into a healthy range.

Body Mass Index calculator is based on your body weight and height. Suitable for Men and Women. People over 18 years old, not suitable for pregnant women and young children. Will the BMI measure my fitness level? No! What it can do is give you a indication if you are overweight, making you realize you need to do something now to be fit and healthy again.

The results using this tool are only a indication only if you have any concerns you need to consult your doctor or professional provider for advice and guidance before commencing on the HCG Diet program. Calculate your Body Mass Index find your ideal weight enter your information into the graph below. Start making changes today use the FREE body weight calculator tool.

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