Why Do I Bloat After Eating?

Why Do I Bloat After Eating?

Posted by Weightloss Solutions on 20th Oct 2017

After you enjoy a large meal,you will likely notice your stomach swelling out more than usual,and although some portion of this may be simply because your stomach expanded to accommodate the food,the majority is caused by bloating. Why? The cause may be an imbalance of bacteria in the gut that may slow your digestive system.

Whenever you find yourself suffering from constant stomach bloat,it may feel impossible to address the issue without professional help,but it may yet be that you only need to change some of the ways you enjoy your favorite foods. 

Everything from simply drinking too much water to irritable bowel syndrome may cause your stomach to bloat,there are also a number of bloat causing foods,such as sodium  fizzy drinks,lollies,artificial sweeteners,some high-fructose fruits which may be cause from intolerance to certain naturally occurring sugars such as lactose and fructose.


Starchy foods such as pasta,rice,or potatoes are often the bloat causing foods which produce the worst symptoms,and even a number of deficiencies lead to bloating over time.

Deficiencies Lead to Bloating

A number of deficiencies lead to bloating,and contacting a medical professional to help to help you test for these deficiencies may yet change your life for the better. Certain diets also can help you remove a number of foods which cause this symptom,and focusing on healthy vitamin and mineral-enriched foods will not only help you become less bloated,but also improve your health over time.

You deserve to feel comfortable and happy at all times,and the best way to make this happen is to act on your bodily problems now before they cause greater level of discomfort or inconvenience.