Cook More Weigh Less

Cook More Weigh Less

Posted by weightloss solutons on 24th Feb 2018

In today's hetic,fast paced life-style,take out meals and ready to eat foods are becoming a cheap and abundant.It's also no surprise that people do not have the time to prepare entire home cooked meals  from scratch. Thus,after a long,tiring stressful day,temptation of ordering takeout is so hard to resist.

Every time you eat take-out foods,you are loading up on calories and bad stuff.Those foods are loaded with everything that makes it taste good such fats,harmful preservatives,flavourings,and salts.

A Study from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health suggests that home cooking is the main ingredient of a healthy diet.Those who cooked their meals consumed lesser calories then when they ate out.

But then,you don't have to give up on eating your favourite takeouts. What you can do is cook your own home-made versions. This way,you'll have full control of what you put into your meals.

Home-cooked meals are nutritious as you're able to choose the freshest and cleanest ingredients.This also builds healthy habits as you become aware of what you consume and exercise portion control.

Not only are home-cooked meals cheaper,they are also free of contaminants.You can even use healthier cooking methods and substitue unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones.

More importantly,nothing could compare with the warm and comfy feeling of preparing and enjoying a home-cooked meal with your family. Next time,you can also enjoy the experience of entertaining your friends with home-cooked meals.

Remember,healthy eating starts in the home kitchen. 

So don't rush to the nearest restaurant for a meal.Also step away from your smartphone the next time you feel the temptation to order.

The more you prepare and cook at home regularly is the best way weigh less and maintain your weight loss goals,This will go a long way in improving your lifestyle and well-being.