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Can Walking Help with Depression and Anxiety?

Posted by Weightloss Solutions on

Study after study concludes that the rates of depression and anxiety are on the rise in today's society. This is no surprise given how busy our lives are,how overworked so many of us feel,and how much less time we tend to spend with our families. Indeed,recent studies even conclude that internet and social media addiction are severely affecting out inner-lives and our ability to connect with and communicate with other people.

We are an over medicated society and nowhere is this more prevalent than in the area of depression.Is there a better way of dealing with depression? The really good news is that even gentle exercise such as walking can actually help to alleviate stress,but does walking help with depression?

Why exercise Can Lift One's Mood

The truth is that exercise can help to ease stress,anxiety,and depression.So,does physical activity benefit those who are suffering from depression? Walking can be done by most people. For the biggest boost,schedule your exercise first thing in the morning.

Consider the following:

Ancient wisdom: it should be no surprise to discover that as far back as Socrates,walking was considered a great way to stimulate a person's thoughts and come up with new ideas.And if a great thinker such as Socrates perceives value in walking,why not try it? 

Endorphins: It has long been known that intense exercise stimulates the body to produce mood-lifting chemicals such as endorphins. But even gentle to moderate walking for around three hours weekly can help the body to release these amazing chemicals.As a result,a person can feel emotionally lifted.

Weight Loss: Depression is also linked to obesity and weight gain. Given the direct relationship between the two,even an exercise such as gentle weekly walking will help in the fight to control weight. 

Walking Your Way into Better Health: The fact is that depression has become an epidemic that we must fight against. Rather than prescribe our way out of it,why not try a routine of weekly walking to walk our way out of it.