Are Organic Foods Healthier, Safer and More Nutritious

Are Organic Foods Healthier, Safer and More Nutritious

Posted by Weightloss Solutions on 14th Nov 2017

The availability of organic foods in the market is greater than ever. Thanks to the ever-increasing demand of consumers who spend on organic products they believe are healthier and better for the environment, animals, and the climate.

Still, some are still concerned whether they should switch to organic foods.

Non-organic, chemical and conventional food often contains harmful hormones and pesticides. Compared to organic foods and products, safer, healthier and more sustainable.

Organic foods are produced without harmful pesticides, antibiotics, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) and synthetic additives. Thus several advocates believe that organic food often tastes better, safer, and probably more nutritious than their non-organic counterparts. But are they healthier and better for you?

A research made by The Soil Association proves that taking organic foods increases the consumption of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids in the body.This leads to a healthier body as the body absorbs these essential nutrients. Plus,organic food can also make you feel fuller so you're less likely to over-indulge. 

While taste is subjective,you are likely to achieve fresher, better tasting product with organic foods. This is because they are produced in a nourished, well balanced soil making it free of chemicals and artificial preservatives. 

But does organic mean pesticide-free? This a question on most consumers minds.  Conventional farms use synthetic pesticides that are found to have health risks.Whereas,organic foods only use naturally-derived pesticide which is believed to be less toxic.

Organic foods possess several more benefits. Some facts why you should go organic included from preserving our ecosystem and reducing pollution to protecting the animals and building strong generations.

The Takeaway

Opting for organic foods ensures that you and your family get the best results that nature provides. Even if you do not go 100% organic all the time, you can look at this as a means of prevention and preserve the future.Consider it as a way towards a healthier living and reversing the effect of global warming,which leads to a sustainable future.

The choice is yours,so choose wisely!