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A Portion Size Guide for a Successful HCG Diet Regimen

Posted by Weightloss Solutions on

New research into the optimum methods of implementing the HCG Diet have also uncovered the optimum healthy portion sizes that should be eaten and followed as part of the low-calorie program. Much of the research of the diet by Dr.Simeon's stated the total daily intake must not exceed 500 calories if the best possible results were to be obtained. Its not just about what we eat but how much are we eating?

Is Your Perception of Portions Distorted?

The trick to experiencing success on the HCG Diet is sticking rigidly to the guidelines of the allowance of 500 calorie and weighing your raw protein portion sizes,and sticking to specified food amounts.

However one of the challenges that so many of us suffer from what has become termed "portion distortion". This is the perception by a person that healthy food portion sizes are actually bigger than they should be. We are surrounded by supersized meals that we think is normal and we eat huge portions of meat that would be considered oversized by less abundant cultures. It is, perhaps this problem of food abundance that has put us into this mess of portion distortion in the first place.

We now consider a plate full of food a regular-sized portion that is healthy when in fact it is hugely oversized compared to what our bodies actually need which can cause risk of increased weight gain,digestive problems or type 2 diabetes.Eat delicious nutritious foods in the appropriate portion size for our body to function at its best.   

A big part of been successful losing weight is tackling our perceptions of a healthy food portion size. Take the time each week to plan your meals. By sticking to the portion size guide you will have amazing results losing weight.