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Five Reasons Why Summer Is The Best Season To Get Healthy

Posted by Weightloss Solutions on

Summer is here at last. That means clear skies,bucket-loads of sunshine,long days at the beach,fresh fruits and summer holidays.It also means no more hibernating! Why Not? Because summer is by far and away the best season to get into a healthy lifestyle. Here are five good reasons why.

Warm weather

Even fit types don't find it easy to get moving on a winter's day. Most of us feel tempted to snuggle in bed or hang out on the couch. However,summer brings the opposite problem: when the sun is shinning,it's impossible to stay indoors! There's plenty of motivation to leave the house for a bike ride or walk,run or swim.

Fresh Fruit

Not only does summer bring exercise -friendly weather,it also brings health-friendly foods. After all, eating well isn't always a cinch. Brussels sprouts,broccoli and brown rice can look like hard work when someone's waving a burger in front of you. But luckily,summer brings foods that are healthy and delicious. Think mangoes,peaches,cherries and nectarines.

Your friends are getting active

We humans are social creatures. We find it easier to discipline ourselves when we're around other people doing the same. Chances are,most of your mates,like you,tend to stick inside during the winter. But come summer, Australia's beaches,lakes rivers, pools and national parks are full of crowds. If your mates are out and about,getting exercise and eating well,then you're more likely to do it too.

Longer days

Summer means longer days. In fact,the longest day of the year,which falls on December 21 or 22,is usually about 4.5 hours longer than the shortest,which falls in June 21 or 22. Longer days give you more day light and,therefore,extra time to hit the pool,the beach or the track. Even if your job keeps you chained to the desk for hours,there's still time left over to get outdoors.

Summer holidays

Most people get some time off for the summer holidays. This provides excellent opportunity to kick start a healthy lifestyle because,finally you have some time to put into improving your diet and exercising more. If you put to two or three weeks into developing a routine,then you'll find it easier to maintain once you're back at work.

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